Our Wines

Tilmon's Island Winery produces fine wines from locally-sourced grapes. We also private-label our wines for special events.

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Our Red Wines

Dame Judith's Red Hat Red:  The red wine that started it all at Tilmon's Island.  Try it and we bet you will like it too.  ($15.00)



Corsica River Cabernet:  This Cabernet Sauvignon from Maryland's Eastern Shore will go well with steak or wild game. ($12.00)



Queen Anne's Cabernet:  This Cabernet Franc from Queen Anne's County tastes great now and will age with grace for many years. ($12)



Chester River Merlot:  A medium-bodied Merlot with a long soft finish.  Adds a gourmet touch to dinner or other special occasions. ($12)



pixKent Narrows Chianti:  Sangiovese  grapes have produced a wonderful wine to complement your finest Italian dishes. ($15)



pixBay Country Chambourcin:  A treat for those who like a fine red wine.  Goes great before or with dinner. ($18)


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Our White Wines

Dame Judith's Red Hat White:  A perfect balance of  sweet and fruit character that's sure to please the ladies in red and purple.  ($15)

Judy's Choice: Our best seller –– a fresh, fruity white that goes perfect with a lighter fare. ($12)



Choptank Chardonnay:  The Choptank watershed lends its name to this Eastern Shore  treasure.  For those who prefer a “dry white.” ($12)

pix Tuckahoe Pinot Grigio:  Tart but pleasing, you must try it at our tasting room.  ($15)


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Our Blush & Rosť Wines

Sudler's Reliance:  Grown at Tilmon's Island, only small quantities are available each year, but we believe you will agree that it is worth the wait.  The almost tropical flavors are truly delightful.  ($18)


Nectar de Harbor Court: Nectar is known as the “"Drink of Gods" – Try this blush wine and we think you will agree that it is heavenly. ($18)



pixRock Hall Rosé:  A delightful  Rosé from Maryland's Eastern Shore that will go well with lasagna or spaghetti.  ($12.00)


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Our Dessert Wines

Tred Avon's Dessert:  Chardonnay and blueberry juice are blended and fortified to create this dessert wine.   Serve lightly chilled after dinner.  ($10)



Bramble Wood:  Merlot and blackberry juice were blended and fortified for this luscious dessert wine.    Serve lightly chilled with fruit or by itself after dinner.  ($10)

pixSweetbriar:  Cabernet Franc and raspberries produce a desert wine you will long remember.  ($14)



Queenstown Landing Port:   When you just want to sip some fine Maryland Wine.  ($10)



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